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  • Jose-Miguel Yamal, PhD; Journey Martinez, MS; Mikala C. Osani, MPH

Mortality and Morbidity Among Individuals with Hypertension Receiving a Diuretic, ACE Inhibitor, or Calcium Channel Blocker

Have you ever wondered if there is a long-term difference between the different types of medicine for high blood pressure? In this new review of data from nearly 33,000 people over 20 years or so, there were negligible differences in the death rates of people treated with three types of high blood pressure medicines: thiazide diuretics, calcium channel blockers, or angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors.

When it comes to picking the right blood pressure medicine(s), less may be more, including using low doses of more than one type of medication that works differently. Each drug has different side effects and interactions. Exactly which one(s) you use should be tailored to you in a discussion with your doctor.

Here is the article:

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