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Frequently Asked Questions

How is My MD Advisor different than a second opinion?

Second opinions answer specific medical questions such as "is surgery the best option to treat my leg problem". Dr. Maissel can help you know if a second opinion is needed or guide your search for a doctor to do the second opinion. 

Will My MD Advisor replace my  loved one's current physicians?

The services at My MD Advisor are in addition to, and not a replacement for, your doctors' services. Dr. Maissel is not serving as your or your loved one's doctor when she provides guidance through My MD Advisor. 

Will my insurance pay for My MD Advisor?

In order to remain completely free from the influence of insurance and hospital networks, and to ensure that your goals and needs are our only focus, My MD Advisor does not accept payment from insurance companies. We do offer a limited pro- bono service to help those that can not afford to pay privately. 

How are you different from a Geriatric Care Manager (Aging Life Specialist)?

Health Care Advocates and GCMs both care for people that need extra support. My MD Advisor focuses on medical problem solving. We advise about care in any type of setting including hospital, rehabilitation facility, nursing home and the community. GCM's primary focus on supporting an elder's on going life issues. 

What are Dr. Maissel's areas of clinical specialty?

Dr. Maissel is up to date in a broad array of clinical areas. Her clinical practice focuses on patients with paralysis, stroke, MS, dementia and other complicated neurologic conditions. She has also has an interest in Post Covid Syndrome (Long Haulers Syndrome).

Are your services limited to a specific state?

Our services are available in any state in the USA. 

Will Dr. Maissel be available when I need her?

Dr. Maissel is available 7 days a week 8 am - 10 pm. She is very flexible in order to meet your needs. To ensure that she is available at your desired time, a text or email to confirm the time is advised.  

Is Dr. Maissel Board Certified? Licensed? Any other credentials?

Dr. Maissel has been Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation since 1992. She is a licensed physician in New York State.  She is a board certified patient advocate (BCPA). She is also a Certified Physician Executive (CPE) with the American Association of Physician Leaders. You can find a link to her resume here.

What kinds of settings has Dr. Maissel worked in?

Dr. Maissel has worked in a wide variety of settings including hospital, LTACH (long term acute care hospital), homecare, subacute, offices, inpatient rehabilitation and SNF (skilled nursing facility).  This breadth of experience gives her unusual depth and insight into quality and operations in all types of care locations.  

What is a private (or personal) patient advocate?

A private patient advocate, such as Dr. Gerda Maissel at My MD Advisor, specializes in offering comprehensive support across a broad range of healthcare issues. Utilizing their expertise, an advocate empowers clients to make informed, individualized decisions in their medical journey. Some patient advocates specialize in insurance issues. Advocates who support healthcare journeys are usually physicians or other types of clinicians.

She sounds amazing. Can Dr. Maissel be my doctor?

No, Dr. Maissel is committed to My MD Advisor full-time and no longer provides direct patient care. She does not diagnose or prescribe for her clients.

What is medical navigation?

Medical navigation, like that provided by Dr. Gerda Maissel,  is a critical service that guides individuals through the complexities of the healthcare system. It involves providing expert assistance in understanding medical jargon, identifying overlooked issues, improving communication with and between physicians, guiding discharge decisions, and contextualizing the health journey. This service is invaluable for those navigating complicated health conditions.

Many people, when learning about My MD Advisor, say they wish they had known about medical navigation services when their loved one was severely ill. They recount their sleepless nights, frustration, lost time, and needless heartache that they experienced without a guide.

How does Dr. Maissel help clients receive the best possible care?

Dr. Gerda Maissel formulates insightful questions for clients and their providers and often engages with the client’s medical professionals. She helps her clients explore treatment options. She supports the choice of the best physician at the best care location for each client. Through educating individuals and their families as well as engaging with busy doctors who might otherwise not have a chance to think deeply about a client’s case, she helps ensure that each client receives the best possible care.

Can you give examples of how Dr. Maissel helps people?

Dr. Maissel assists in various specific ways, including reviewing and explaining medical records, advising on obtaining and interpreting specialist consultations, helping clients articulate their care goals, identifying solutions to healthcare barriers, managing difficult discharge issues, liaising with doctors and family members, developing choices and providing expert insights for medical decision-making.

Why would we want to hire My MD Advisor when my loved one is in the hospital? Doesn’t a doctor see them every day there?

People are often surprised at how problematic care can become in the hospital. Most, if not all, of the doctors in the hospital will have never met your loved one. The doctors often do not have time to completely review records or all the other doctor’s notes. Also, since hospital doctors rotate frequently, your loved one will receive care from a new doctor every few days. Clients can receive contradictory or confusing treatment recommendations. They don’t know who to trust.

Dr. Maissel will connect the dots, efficiently filling any important communication or information gaps. This helps ensure that every doctor can provide the best care for your loved one. 

Is there a separate intake fee?

Unlike many GCMs or advocates, we do not charge a separate intake fee. We want to ensure a seamless and transparent intake process at My MD Advisor.  Without a separate intake fee, our clients begin their healthcare navigation journey with us in an uncomplicated and cost-effective manner.

How are the services at My MD Advisor different from those offered by a Geriatric Care Manager (GCM)?

While there are some overlaps between the services at My MD Advisor and those of a Geriatric Care Manager, there is a big difference in expertise and focus. As a physician and health system leader with years of experience, Dr. Maissel has a broad and deep understanding of medical care across many settings. GCMs frequently have a social work background, although some are nurses. Their medical expertise is quite different from Dr. Maissel’s.

Geriatric Care Managers focus on a person’s life needs, whereas Dr. Maissel focuses on their healthcare and safety needs. Geriatric Care Managers are usually experts in the local options. In contrast, Dr. Maissel works mostly virtually and offers her services across diverse locations and settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, or homes.

Some GCMs refer to Dr. Maissel when their clients are struggling with their medical care or are hospitalized, and Dr. Maissel refers to GCMs when her clients need a local resource or help with their nonmedical logistics.

Do you charge extra for evenings, weekends, or holidays?

Our commitment to accessibility extends to our billing practices. We maintain a consistent hourly fee 24/7/365 for our services. The same fee applies for evenings, weekends, and holidays. This ensures our clients can rely on us at any time without worrying about extra charges.

Do I pay a monthly fee?

At My MD Advisor, we prioritize client convenience and control. Therefore, we do not charge any monthly fees, ensuring our expert patient advocacy services are accessible whenever needed without additional financial burdens. The client decides how and when they use the services of My MD Advisor and is charged only for the time they use. 

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