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My MD Advisor

Private Patient Advocacy

You deserve help from an experienced physician who knows hospitals, doctors, rehabilitation recovery and medicine.

Dr. Maissel is your "Medical Navigator", guiding you through all the ups and downs of a complex health journey.

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I would give Gerda 100 stars if possible. She worked with us over the course of the past 8+ months as my father-in-law navigated an extremely complicated and stressful post surgical stay that spanned a variety of hospitals - each of which brought extensive challenges navigating the system and ensuring that he was receiving the best possible care. She joined us on calls with doctors and spoke 'doctor to doctor' on our behalf, she helped us interpret lab results and understand his various conditions, she did research and advised us on various scenarios and options, she helped us find and train our aides that were with our father daily in our absence and SO much more. She also joined us during various sensitive family conversations, including the decision to transfer our father home for hospice, and always brings so much sincerity, empathy and kindness through the hard conversations. When it came time for hospice she helped us navigate a very complicated, nuanced process while we were entirely overwhelmed and I truly cannot fathom having done it without her guidance and support. If you are ever in a situation where you feel you might benefit from a medical advisor I cannot possibly recommend Gerda's services with anymore conviction.

- L.G.

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We become the doctor in your family who has time for you, morning, noon, and night. Weekends too.

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Ensure that your loved one gets the best possible medical care.

Resolve road blocks, understand the medical options, and reduce your frustration.

In Complex Medical Situations You Need:

Insider tips

Convenient and timely communication

Customized information

Support of an experienced physician and leader

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Every client has a unique and often frustrating situation. We can help.

  • Concierge level support, advice and coordination

  • Assess: Current care with education on medications

  • Translate: Medical terms into common sense language

  • Plan: Clarify your goals and figure out how to get there

  • Research: Programs and experts

  • Guide:  Make sure you get the best care

  • Advocate:  Doctors return calls from other physicians

  • Select: Hospital, rehabilitation, ​long term acute care (LTAC), subacute, nursing home, outpatient or home care 

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The Doctor

My MD Advisor was founded by Dr. Maissel because of her passion for helping people with complex and chronic conditions. She wants to ensure that people receive the best care possible regardless of age or disability.  Dr. Maissel supports clients as if they were family. 


Dr. Maissel is a Board Certified Patient Advocate (BPCA), Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physician, and a Certified Physician Executive (CPE). 

The Story

Dr. Maissel's brother had severe developmental disabilities. When she visited her brother in the 1970s, the deplorable conditions and disregard for human dignity left an indelible impression. After a career as a Physical Medicine &  Rehabilitation physician and a health care executive, she now brings her experience, knowledge and skills to you. She combines her understanding of medicine, recovery, business and health care culture to ensure that you and your loved one have the best experience possible.

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