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4 Important Things the Nurse Might Tell You If Even If the Doctor Doesn't

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

My clients often think the doctor is the only one they can get information from when their loved one is in the hospital. Doctors rarely make daily calls to family, and the patient may not know. When visiting is very limited, patients' families are getting especially frustrated that they don't know what is going on. Assuming you have permission from the patient to access their information, here are some tips on what the nurses may be able to tell you. #health #wellness #hospitals #patientcare #patientengagement #patientexperience #patientadvocacy #consierge #nursing #familycaregivers #familiesmatter #pandemic2020

1. The daily white count - patients in the hospital often have daily blood draws. When there is an infection, following the daily white count will help you know how the infection is doing (normal is 4500 - 10,500)

2. The discharge date- this is often estimated upon arrival. Knowing their plan can help you make plans

3. The name of the doctor- it was hard enough when people's name tags were visible. Its even harder now when everyone is covered in protective gear.

4. Which consultants are seeing your loved one- the nurse can check and see if consultants such as infectious disease or GI have been called in.

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