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What We Do

Focusing on elders, people with paralysis and other complex conditions, we help you get the medical care you deserve


Concierge level support advise and coordination

Translate: Medical terms in common sense language

Research: Programs and experts

Guide:  Make sure you get the best care



 Logistics and Solutions

Assess: Current care with recommendations

Select: Hospital, rehabilitation, ​long term acute care (LTAC), subacute, nursing home, outpatient or home care 

Advocate:  We will speak up on your behalf

Organize & Plan: All of the pieces 



Image by Anthony Metcalfe

Unique advisory services that ensure you get the best health care possible

My MD Advisor was founded in 2020 by Dr. Maissel because of her passion to help people with complex and chronic conditions. Dr. Maissel saw good people being overwhelmed by fragmented care and the loss of the "big picture" of a patient's needs. 

Every client has a unique and often frustrating situation.

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