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Free Consultation

Are we right for you?

In this brief, free session, Dr. Maissel will work with you to determine if My MD Advisor services are a good fit for you. After listening to your description of the situation, she will discuss what she can offer.

Dr. Maissel Will Be There For You.

Organizing and planning care, for either yourself or a loved one, can be very difficult. This is especially true when dealing with a complex illness. It often feels overwhelming if you don't have someone to help you.

Dr. Maissel will ensure you are in control and have what you need to make educated decisions. From understanding medical terminology, to knowing what questions to ask, knowledge is key to making the right choices. She will help you sort though it all so you  know what is useful and what isn't.

Dr. Maissel will navigate you through the bureaucratic healthcare system, pulling together all the parts of the puzzle. You are a whole person with a family and values, not simply an illness or a body part.


Share the load.

Dr. Maissel will be by your side as you sort through the many programs and resources you might need.


She can assist with selecting the right level of care after the hospital, such as In-Patient Rehabilitation, LTACH (Long Term Acute Care Hospital), Sub-Acute or Home Care. She can also help you  plan how to keep your loved one at home.

If you don't have the time or know who to ask to get the answers you need, you can ask Dr. Maissel to reach out on your behalf. She can find the right doctors and specialists, and do research for you into any medical topic.


Through My MD Advisor, Dr. Maissel provides clarity, logistical support and solutions while ensuring that patients and families are listened to and understood. This accelerates each person's achievement of their goals such as returning home or living their best life with a chronic condition. She is not the client's doctor, but rather a trusted advisor. She provides customized medical education to the client, links together and focuses disjointed medical information, researches options, and advocates with other physicians and clinicians. Her advice is tailored to each client and independent of any external influences from insurance companies or hospital systems.

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